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records are for hep cats' Journal

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7th September 2006

oilpaintedeyes10:54am: currently on sale for your indie pleasure:

a large quantity of old seven inch records (i'm broke, *sniff*) up for grabs on ebay - lot's of old sub-pop, kill rock stars, and a lot of stuff out of austin, including:

modest mouse, pavement, iron & wine, milemarker, silver scooter, the shins, no knife, the black halos, the prima donnas, aloha, rye coalition, les savy fav, jimmy eat world, bright eyes, a roman scandal, five-eight, the kiss offs, golden millenium, the vidi vitties and more!

i'm adding records as we speak...get 'em while you still can!


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12th December 2003

vinnieroyale9:48pm: Debastatin' Stan
Which Awful Album Cover Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

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26th May 2003

mollythestrange5:37pm: hi =D

im new to this community, so i guess an intro would be sufficent.

my name is molly, im 15, and i live/breathe/eat music. i just started collecting vinyl. my parents want to donate their old record player to me, which is cool, but the only way i can play it is on 3 feet speakers. id like to keep it in my room, but the problem is: i dont have room for two 3-foot speakers.

my question:
is there any kind of record player avalible that has speaker attached to it? so i dont have to buy speakers? or use 3-foot ones that take up space?

online stores are preferred.

thank you for yr help =)
- Molly

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14th January 2003

morninglory1:39pm: wishing i could find a clash record at a decent price rather than me having to result in selling a kidney on the black market


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13th January 2003

ex_killcity4479:09pm: does anyone know where i might be able to get a copy of saint etiennes good humor in lp in seattle? im kind of weary about ordering it thru gemm.com..

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5th January 2003

mr_triceratops12:19am: I just got a clear red Devil is Electric 7" for $3...

mmmmmmmmmmm, yummy.

<3 <3

Current Mood: accomplished

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4th January 2003

betweenthebars4:56pm: I was very bored today...
My VinylCollapse )
Current Mood: accomplished

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31st December 2002

betweenthebars12:28am: Stolen from somebody funnier than I
What do record nerds and jocks have in common?

PunchlineCollapse )

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30th December 2002

morninglory2:52pm: favorite records i own

simon and garfunkle-bridge over troubled water

queen-greatest hits

eagles-the long run

neil diamond-20 golden greats

men at work-business as usual

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29th December 2002

ana_o3:38am: yr my punk rock dream come true
it was so amazing the other day, i got mecca normal AND the devotchkas on vinyl.

the guy who sold them to me was a FOX.
Current Mood: content

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28th December 2002

danielisarocker3:18pm: umm, i got a new 7" yesterday for my birthday.
it's the love life rekkid.
it's heart shaped...

Current Mood: hearty

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